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Breathable mesh lining supports the items in your pockets without adding extra bulk or overheating you. We all want to watch our dad bods.


Not only is the fabric slightly stretchy to accommodate your growing bod. We've also included a pouch that stretches to hold bottles in place. So you won't be crying over spilled milk.


What is the The Dad Hoodie?

A super soft hoodie with storage compartments for everything a Dad needs to be great.  Now Dads can toss out that diaper bag and slide into a hoodie when they head out around town with children in tow.  Click Here for a complete list of product specs.  

What problem do we solve?

Over the shoulder diaper bags are constructed to survive natural disasters and shrapnel, with enough supplies for weeks. Most Dads only need to carry a few baby supplies to knock out that steady stream of errands.  Comfortable Dad + Prepared Dad = Rockstar Dad 

Free Shipping?

Yep, always!

Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere!

   U.S. orders ship Free

   International orders have an additional charge

What sizes do you offer?

*Our hoodies are soft, but fitted, and we recommend erring on the larger side*

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Regular Dad Bod = medium

Large Dad Bod = large

Grande Dad Bod = x-large


As I squat down, not daring to put my knees on the dirty tiled floor of the Copenhagen airport bathroom, I skillfully change my 6 month old son’s diaper having just taken a transatlantic redeye. Dads, we’ve all been there; changing diapers in the oddest places with a floral diaper bag slung over our shoulder like we’re bike messengers for Lilly Pulitzer. I realized all Dads would benefit from a super comfortable hoodie that doubles as a diaper bag, which is why I created The Dad Hoodie.  Today’s diaper bags are built to endure a landing at Omaha Beach or tracking gorillas in Uganda. With The Dad Hoodie, you can hit the road in comfort with exactly what you need to be great: diapers, bottle, wipes, pacifier, iphone.

Help us cure the planet of 'DBS' (Diaper Bag Strain) by sliding into your very own Dad Hoodie. If you do your Dad Game will go from good to great and your kids will love you more (maybe, but probably not). 

Be sure to enjoy the ride too! 

-Baker + Hoppy’s Dad