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"The Dad Hoodie is a total win for me and my new-Dad friends. Sure, it's functional and lets us carry all the needed things for our kiddos, but we also wear it for the style, which can fall by the wayside too quickly when focusing on our growing families." -Ken Nesmith

“As a competitive Skier, I am always looking for the best gear out there to make my days in the mountains lighter and faster – The Hoodie makes the mountain easier to climb, just grab The Hoodie already stuffed with supplies and get out the door super fast!” -Kaki Orr

“Let me tell you: there's nothing hotter than a Dad who is both prepared and looking good while dadding.  Last weekend while solo-dadding, I took both my kids (ages 3 and 2 months) to the Renaissance Fair (I know, what was I thinking) with nothing more than the baby bjorn and my Dad Hoodie.  Kids had diapers, sunscreen, bottles and snacks packed with military precision, while I had two free hands ready to volunteer for the jousting exhibition.  If you want to crush it on the weekends with your kids, get the Dad Hoodie.” -Carroll Cavanagh

“Now, my Dad Hoodie has become a weekend staple. Regardless of the setting, it's my preferred piece of outerwear if the kids are in tow. It makes parenting easier, and that's the best part about the Dad Hoodie.” -Jake Westermann

Great hoodie for comfort alone. Add in the super functional pockets and great branding and this is an awesome product! -Gibb

I have given the Dad Hoodie several times as gifts for new dads, and it is now my go-to. Knocks it out of the park every time. Personally, we own several Dad Hoodies because my husband and I fight over them. Softest. Cosiest. Sweatshirt. Period. -Jacey C

I'm a huge fan of this hoodie. The gray matches any outfit. It's perfect for walking the dog and sneaking candy into the movies. -Frank

While I have kids... they no longer require diapers and bottles. This hoodie is adaptable and has been great for wallet / phone / book / keys / flask / journal / extra flask. It’s also super comfortable and despite the gear it carries, it’s not at all bulky! I wish there were more colors to chose because I would buy more than one. -Brian L

My wife got this for me and it’s been life changing! Really nice, fitted hoodie with tons of storage on the inside for all of the “gear.” Packaging and presentation was top notch! -Teddy B

I got this for my hubby for his first fathers day present and he loves it. Comfy and roomy. He immediately wore it and showed it off to his family. -Sara R

I’m a female and bought this hoodie for work in the hospital since I hate needing to carry a bag or my scrub pockets full. It’s been so useful I then bought another one for everyday wear until my hubby stole it! Super soft, zippers run really smooth and all of the stitching is really well done. -Nikki

Comfortable and sleek given how much it can carry. Can't wait to see what else they have in store! -Stu

This is by far the softest hoodie I have ever worn and a must have when traveling! -Chris W

Loving this hoodie. Softest hoodie I've ever had. Received it as a gift and it's perfect! -John F