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10 ways The Dad Hoodie is better than a diaper bag

The Dad Hoodie is revolutionizing the way today’s involved Dads knock out their Dad duties.  Gone are the days of Dad slinging a floral diaper bag over his shoulder like he’s a Barbie’s personal assistant.  Now Dad can be awesome and feel great, in his super soft tai-blend full zip Dad Hoodie

  1. The Dad Hoodie is built to carry only what you need, not two weeks of supplies for Gorilla tracking in Uganda
  2. The Dad Hoodie is unbelievable soft, made with the highest quality fabrics from around the world
  3. The Dad Hoodie looks great even without a baby slung from your hip
  4. The Dad Hoodie frees Dads shoulder of ‘DBS’ or diaper bag strain
  5. The Dad Hoodie has 6 internal compartments for holding - bottles, diapers, wipers, snacks, phones, glasses, books, butt cream, hand-sanitizer
  6. The Dad Hoodie is designed by a Dad, for Dads……unlike diaper bags
  7. The Dad Hoodie has a 10 year guarantee
  8. The Dad Hoodie is easy to wash in the washing machine
  9. The Dad Hoodie has transferability: sporting events, movies, dog-walking, traveling
  10. The Dad Hoodie comes in 4 basic colors, meant to blend in, not stand out

The choice is simple, The Dad Hoodie beats out the diaper bag for today’s involved Dads 100% of the time.  It also makes for a great Father’s Day gift, Birthday gift, New Dad gift or Christmas gift. 


Pick up your Dad Hoodie at, your kids will be glad you did.