11 Best Gifts For Active New Dads

11 Best Gifts For Active New Dads


Being a first-time dad is life-changing, and as it turns out, fatherhood literally transforms one's body. An article on Today’s Parent discussed how the significant hormone changes well-documented in a mother’s body also occur in fathers, especially in new ones. Testosterone levels drop by one-third, alongside a noticeable increase in oxytocin or “the love hormone.” This causes their habits and behavior to change, making them more likely to fuss over their new child. Plus, babies are needy, so they will take up a lot time.

But that does not mean dads have to let go of themselves completely, and especially not those who live a busy lifestyle. They just need the right tools. So, if you know any active new dads, below are the best gifts to give.

Trusty Pushchair

At some point all parents need to invest in a pushchair to transport their child around. For dads you know who will be looking after the baby while running lots of errands, the best gift you can give them is a versatile pushchair. The carriages on the lightweight pushchairs from iCandy can be converted into a carry cot and car seat. This allows parents to easily switch between the functions depending on what they need. For a busy father this will save them a lot of time and hassle as they care for the baby.

Portable Speakers

Speaking of family strolls, they might find themselves needing to entertain their child through them. To this end, a portable speaker will come in handy. There are speakers, like the JBL Clip 3, that come with a carabiner, too. They can clip it onto their child’s pushchair or their car seat and blast baby songs. Its hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity only requires a couple of seconds to set up, as well.

Dad Hoodie

Admittedly, carrying baby bags just adds to the hassle of being out and about. This is why you should gift them the game-changing Dad Hoodie. The sweatshirt is made with soft and stretchy fabric that can accommodate any body size. Plus, it has a breathable mesh lining supporting plenty of pockets, so they can bring bottles, diapers, baby wipes, and even toys — without the extra bulk and weight.


Comfortable Pants

Active dads won't be on the move all the time. And on days that they have to stay at home with their child, they're going to want a pair of soft and light indoors pants, like the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos. These chinos are pretty stylish too, making them perfect for running sudden outdoor errands.

Durable Slip-ons

A sleek, yet durable pair of sneakers is a must-have for active dads, whether they're new to fatherhood or not. However, when they are heading out with their child and carrying their things, putting their shoes on can be a struggle. That is why they need a backup pair of slip-on shoes that will not compromise their style and comfort. Sorel Caribou's Slip-On Sneaker is not only comfortable but weather- and waterproof as well, allowing it to last them years.

Wireless Earbuds

In the first few months of fatherhood, having time alone is rare. A pair of wireless Sony earbuds can help them tune out the world while remaining on the go. With their surround sound, portable design, and noise cancellation features, they can get their well-deserved "alone" time without distractions.

Baby Carrier

A well-researched article on the Metro Parent shows that, unlike mothers who have an instant connection with their kids, fathers have to rely on quality time and touch for bonding. So for new dads, a baby carrier is incredibly beneficial. Holding their baby close will calm and reassure them of their presence, facilitating not only a close relationship but also a healthy physical and mental development for their child. And they can do all that while still moving around easily.

Fitness Smartwatch

Busy dads don't have to forgo their health to take care of their babies. A fitness smartwatch, like a Fitbit Charge, can help them keep track of their health. Typical fitness watches can track their heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and even location. They can also be synced with their smartphone. The latter is especially useful for those who are out for work on most days, allowing them to easily get in touch with family at home with a single tap.

Intuitive Water Bottle

When they get too busy doing errands left and right, it's easy to forget to hydrate in between. That is why always having a water bottle with them helps. It might be better if they get one with a water tracker, too, like the BuildLife One-Gallon Water Bottle. The BuildLife One-Gallon even has motivational phrases that will urge and remind them to drink water in the set intervals.

Coffee Tumbler

New days will rarely have the time to sit down and enjoy their coffee while still hot. But not to worry — they can still get their daily caffeine dose with The Miir Travel Tumbler. It promises piping-hot coffee all day, with its vacuum insulation and leak-proof top lid. Not only is it convenient, but it is also durable enough to last for years.

Meditation App Subscriptions

Amidst the new routine of fatherhood, new dads will inevitably feel tired and anxious at the end of the day. While there are days when a good night’s sleep will work, they might need a moment to meditate, allowing them to clear their minds. A unique gift you can give is subscriptions to meditation apps like Insight Timer, Breethe, and Headspace. The apps have been created by mental health professionals to help people systematically calm their thoughts.

Being a new father brings out another side in people — one that is protective, careful, and more affectionate. These gifts will help them be the perfect, active new father.

Article written by: Rosey Judson

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