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15 Best Gifts for new Dads

Great work Dad, you just created another human! That’s a pretty big deal and we’re super pumped up for you and the adventures that lie ahead.  After all, it’s not 1950 and your job isn’t simple to bring home the bacon after slinging a pint, or two, at the pub next the train station on your way home from ‘the city’. Unfortunately, the world hasn’t realized that today’s Dads is super involved, because there just aren’t many cool ‘New Dad Gifts’.  We’re here to help change that by laying out a list of the coolest gifts for today’s involved Dad.  We all know that Moms are superheroes, but even Robin was able to get a little love as he gave an assist to Batman.  From our crib to yours: Godspeed, good luck, and hold on for the ride!

  1. The Dad Hoodie
  2. HSD Diaper Backpack
  3. La Matera
  4. Newborn Baby Burrito Swaddle
  5. Dad’s Playbook
  6. The Dad Vest
  7. Tortilla Towel
  8. Infantino Baby Carrier
  9. Baby Footprints Beer Glass
  10. Blue Bottle Cold Brew Maker
  11. Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Baby Seat
  12. GoGo Towel
  13. Bringing Up Bebe
  14. Daddy Beer Bottle Labels
  15. Theragun Mini