7 Uncommon, Useful Dad Gifts for 2022

7 Uncommon, Useful Dad Gifts for 2022

7 Uncommon, Useful Dad Gifts for 2022

Whether you’re shopping for your husband or father, finding the right dad gift can seem impossible these days. There are just so many options, and when the dad seems to have everything already, how do you find a special gift that will show your appreciation?

The goal is to give Dad something that he’ll love and make his life a little easier. Ideally, it will also be something he wouldn’t have thought of himself! Below, The Dad Hoodie has listed seven unique, functional gift ideas that will make any papa a happy man.

  1. Craft Beer Club Subscription

If your dad is like many others, they love a good craft brew. That’s why giving your Pops a subscription to a beer club could be the perfect gift this year. Not only is it an excellent way for your dad to experiment with a wide range of beers, but it also means you are supporting small breweries. A few beer clubs to consider are the HopHeads, Beer Drop, and Craft Beer Club.

  1. Grooming Kit

Men need self-care too. And better way to show Pops that you appreciate him than to give him a high-quality grooming kit? There are plenty of all-in-one kits on the market that will provide everything your dad needs to look his best. Some products to consider include the Little&BigBeard grooming kit, Remington Head to Toe, Body Groomer Kit with Beard Trimmer, and Raytix Nail Clipper Set.

  1. The Dad Hoodie

We have searched far and wide for a better gift for new daddies, and we’ve fallen short. The Dad Hoodie has everything a new father needs to live comfortably and be prepared for baby care. Our hoodies use only the highest-quality materials, have breathable mesh lining, and stretchable fabric to allow for baby bottles, wipe pouches, and other items. Plus, these hoodies look really good and come in four different colors (Heather Grey, Navy, Charcoal Black, and Black).

  1. Pocket Knife

If your dad doesn’t have a quality pocket knife, they deserve one this year. A pocket knife is an essential component of any typical carry setup, and it can come in handy for a wide range of tasks—from opening packages to coring apples to making kindling. Look into the Benchmade Bugout, Kershaw Leek, and Gerber Zilch.

  1. Sunglasses

Who doesn’t need a good pair of sunglasses? If your dad is used to wearing $10 sunglasses from the pharmacy, consider upgrading him this year. Brands like Warby Parker offer high-quality frames, lenses, and a variety of classic and modern styles. And you might be surprised by how affordable they are.

      6. Soundbar

Even the best flat screen tv screens these days can only offer nominal sound quality. Get Daddy a soundbar, and it will take his home theater experience to the next level. He’ll be able to hear dialogue more clearly, enjoy the booms of sound effects and music during action movies, and the overall sound will be much more dynamic. There are many soundbars on the market, and the right one for your dad will depend on his needs and your budget. Some models to consider include the Sonos Beam Gen 2, Sony HT-A7000, and JBL Bar Studio.

  1. Experience

While products are great, sometimes gifting an experience is the best way to go. Consider planning a weekend getaway for your dad. Think of any attractions or activities he might enjoy, and create a loose itinerary that will give him a fun and relaxing weekend. For instance, you could use TickPick to find discounted tickets to a New York Yankees game. And when looking for Yankees tickets, you can filter your search to find ones that offer the best seats at Yankee Stadium within your price range.

Your dad may have everything he needs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t blow his mind this year with a unique gift that enhances his life. Consider the ideas above, and don’t lose heart if none of these items hit home. Keep looking, and you will find the perfect gift!

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By Emma Grace Brown