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Dad Hoodie vs. Diaper Bag, Dad Hoodie always wins!

1.  The Dad Hoodie holds what your baby needs, not everything your baby has

2.  The Dad Hoodie can be used as a changing table mat in an emergency

3.  The Dad Hoodie can we used for fun/dangerous play time with your kids

4.  The Dad Hoodie can be used to sneak snacks into the movies or sporting events

5.  The Dad Hoodie is comfortable to wear

6.  The Dad Hoodie isn't designed to make you look like Barbie's personal assistant

7.  The Dad Hoodie can also be used for Dogwalking, Traveling, Lounging

8.  The Dad Hoodie is designed by a Dad, for other Dads

*The Dad Hoodie is proven to cure "DBS", or diaper bag strain, in 100% of Dads

Toss out that diaper bag Dad and slide into your new Dad Hoodie.  Godspeed and Good Luck!