Dads With Toddlers: A Guide to Working Remotely

Dads With Toddlers: A Guide to Working Remotely

Current estimates by Google Workplace Analytics expected 25% to 30% of the worldwide workforce to work remotely this year. With a growing number of employers turning to remote work for the first time beginning in 2020, many employees found working from home was a preferable and productive option. However, dads working from home with toddlers in residence now grapple with work and home life balance.

With their love of adventure, exploration, high energy, and often vocal demands, toddlers make work from home a challenge. However, with some planning and boundaries, as well as these tips from The Dad Hoodie, you too can work from home – even with a toddler.

Have a Support Person on Call

Don't expect to work and manage your child simultaneously without assistance. Have a nanny, grandparent, babysitter, or partner available to handle toddler needs while you take calls or attend meetings. This person needs to be reliable and available on short notice. 

Create a Schedule That Accommodates Your Child's Needs

Plan your days "around" your toddler. Block out times for meals, activities, and naps. If the toddler is an excellent napper, this is your quiet time to dive in and get work done. If not, schedule some work time during later evening hours after your little one has gone to bed.

Designate a Child-Free Workspace in Your Home

Maintain professionalism and have fewer distractions with a quiet workspace that's kid-free. Having a dedicated workspace where you're isolated from unpredictable interruptions makes you more productive and less stressed. 

Prepare for Your Child's Needs

Prepare snacks and sippy cups ahead of time for your toddler, so you don't have to stop what you're doing to handle these predictable tasks. Less food preparation means more time for mom or dad to work. Collect favorite books, toys, and coloring activities to keep your child busy and entertained while you're working. 

Hire a Freelancer

Consider hiring a virtual assistant and delegating tasks to them. A freelancer can take over many administrative duties, such as returning phone calls, responding to customer emails, and scheduling appointments. Virtual assistants can even plan meals and submit your grocery order.

Freelance job platforms provide a space for you to post a job, hire, and pay through the platform. You can look at applicants' reviews, resumes, and desired pay amounts. Freelance job boards provide work and hiring opportunities in the U.S. and worldwide. 

Build Your Skills and Efficiency

If you want to enhance your career prospects while caring for a toddler, in-person education likely isn’t a realistic option. Fortunately, there are online programs available that will allow you to earn an accounting, business, or nursing degree from home. Best of all, these programs offer flexible learning opportunities so you can still prioritize your child.

You can also improve your career simply by streamlining your efficiency at home. We’ve already discussed the need to have a dedicated office space where you can work, but that’s just the beginning. For instance, if you’re running your own business and need to contend with customers/clients not providing payment, you could simplify matters by assigning late fees and helping to set up payment plans. You can use the best invoice template out there to help you maintain your records – and best of all, it’s free!